The most stylish kids on Instagram get multiple brand sponsorships throughout the year. They have thousands of followers from across the globe. These good-looking kids rule our hearts with their cute pictures showcasing the trendy fashion articles. These kids earn massive royalties from their sponsors for promoting the top brands’ clothes and accessories.

Today, you can start your kid’s journey of becoming one of the most stylish kids on Instagram. If you want your kid to get such sponsorships and make him/her an Instagram influencer, you can follow these 25 tips to gain followers and likes quickly. 

1.       Run Advertisements

Organic reach of Instagram works great to an extent. High-quality posts in good lighting condition and fashionable clothes will help your kid get the necessary followers and likes eventually. However, if you want to get the necessary boost in the initial stages, running advertisements is a good option that you just cannot ignore. You can run advertisements with your child’s posts to help their posts appear on feeds of multiple people.

The advertisement algorithms of Facebook and Instagram are extremely advanced and can help you target the right audience for a quick growth on social media.

2.       Partner Up with a Popular Instagram Influencer

Most Instagram influencers start their journey by partnering up with other popular Instagram influencers and sponsors. They build a strong network on social media platforms. This network helps them gain enough traction for the initial stages. Partner up with popular Instagram influencers and invite them over for a photo-shoot. After all, no influencer would want to miss an opportunity to showcase their soft side by getting great pictures clicked with a cute kid.

3.       Post Content Regularly

The consistency of posting content matters a lot. Whenever you go on a trip or a photo shoot with your kid, click as many pictures as you can. Save these pictures in a dedicated folder for posting them later. You might not have the time to click a fashionable picture by dressing up your kid in trendy clothes every day. This is where the collection of pictures from a memorable trip comes in handy.


Choose the time and date of posting a new picture very carefully. Study the active target sponsors carefully and post images when they are typically online. The best time to post images is between 6:00 and 9:00 PM when most people check their social media feeds at least once.

4.       Post High-Quality Pictures

Never compromise on the quality of the images that you post on Instagram. After all, no one would like a blurry or a hazy image. You can hire a professional photographer to capture some fashionable images for you. If you already have some decent images, you can hire a graphics designer or a Photoshop expert to add the necessary details to these images later.

5.       Partner Up with a Clothing Brand

You can establish a partnership with a clothing brand to get access to the trendy clothing apparel for your child. Establishing a partnership with a brand is much easier when you have more followers on your account. However, no brand will refuse a good business plan and will want to get in a partnership with you if you have a solid idea. Show the brand that you have done the necessary homework to capture its attention with the solid business plan. Once you show this plan, the brand will let you use its most popular clothes for free on a photo shoot.

6.       Hire a Content Developer for Picture Captions

The caption on your posts will determine the sponsors that it will attract. Develop meaningful content for your posts and use them as a caption.

You can hire content developers for a small price and use their talent to develop high-quality captions for the different pictures.

7.      Use Hashtags

The right hashtags will help you increase your reach on the social media platforms by a significant amount. Therefore, use the right hashtags in the captions for the posts.

8.       Buy Likes and Followers

If nothing else works, you can always buy likes and followers from sponsors. The initial set of likes and followers will give you enough reach and boost to gain more followers automatically and organically at a later stage. Choose the sponsors very carefully to establish a strong and reliable reputation for your Instagram account.

9.       Interact with the Existing Followers

You should not forget the importance of your existing followers while you are trying to gain new ones. The parents or social media experts of the most followed kids on Instagram regularly interact with their existing followers regularly. This practice helps the account build a rapport with the followers and sponsors. A simple thank you or appreciation post will help you create an instant connection with the followers.

10.   Don’t Limit Yourself to Instagram

Instagram is just one of the most popular social media platforms out there. Use cross-platform posting practices to get in touch with new followers across different platforms. Connect with your followers on Facebook, Snap-chat, Instagram, and other similar social media platforms.

11.   Create a Dedicated Hashtag

The most followed kids on Instagram have successfully created their own brand reputation on the social media platform. They wear fashionable clothes and always seem to define their own trends. They have a dedicated fan following from thousands of people across the globe. One of the key brand management and growth techniques that they use include the development of a unique hashtag. This hashtag is tied to their personality and posts.

12.  Tag Popular Celebrities and Influencers

If you cannot partner up with the celebrities and influencers, start tagging them in the posts. There is a good chance that these famous people will notice your activity and reach out to you with a partnership proposal. However, this will happen only if your child has some extremely high-quality pictures on his/her account.

13.   Participate in Social Media Conversations

You need to actively participate in social media conversations with other influencers and celebrities. Building a rapport on these platforms is all about making connections and talking to the right people at the right time.

14.   Get in Touch with the Social Media Experts on Reddit

Several social media experts provide their assistance to the people for free on forums like Reddit. You can reach out to these experts to get some great tips on how to increase your child’s social media popularity.

15.   Write a Create Bio URL

The kid Instagram models have dedicated social media experts handling their accounts. The only job of the parents is to click some good images for their children in fashionable clothes. All the post-processing required for these images along with the captions is carried out by these social media experts.

The top experts know how to use the bio field on an account to maximize reach and promote a brand, idea, or a blog. Write an interesting and catchy bio to capture the attention of your audience.

16.   Post Links of Your Other Social Media Channels on the Bio

Link the posting experience on the different social media channels as much as you can. Provide links to the Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter accounts of your child in the bio so that people can follow your child on the different social media channels. Use the Instagram stories feature to capture the attention of the audience even further. The story feature gives a more personal and in-depth touch to the life of your kid on social media.

17.   Remove Unwanted Tagged Photos

Once your kid’s account starts gaining popularity on Instagram, other people will start tagging your kid in their posts. You can allow these people to tag your kid in the high-quality posts that are relevant to the theme and idea that you wish to convey. Quickly remove the other posts linked to your account. You can turn on a setting on Instagram that does not allow individuals to tag your kid in their pictures without your permission.

18.   Develop a Unique Instagram Style

The top kid Instagram models have their own unique style of posting pictures and videos on social media channels. Develop this unique posting style and identity to separate your account from the millions of other similar accounts on the platform.

19.   Post Short Video Clips

Instagram allows you to post pictures as well as short video clips. Most people do not utilize the platform’s full capabilities and keep posting images only. If you really want to get ahead of the competition and grow your follower count quickly, you need to post both pictures as well as videos. The short video clips of your child being cute will help you get enough attention on Instagram.

20.   Get Great Lighting for the Pictures

Lighting plays an extremely important role in the quality of images and videos. Always click the pictures in a good lighting condition. If you can, always choose pictures clicked in natural lighting over artificial lighting. However, if you are having an indoor party, pictures clicked in the artificial lighting look neat as well.

Follow the top kid Instagram models and check out their profiles. Look at their posting pattern and image quality. For the initial stages, you can try and replicate the same clothing and posting style to get results. However, once you have built enough traction, you need to create a unique identity with your child’s own account.

21.   Increase the Size of Your Child’s Wardrobe

Show the world that your child has an extremely great sense of fashion by increasing the size of his/her wardrobe. Study the market and check out the trendy clothing options on the most popular online shopping portals for kids. You can easily find affordable and trendy fashion options on these popular shopping portals. The best part about shopping online is that you get access to a huge collection of the trendiest clothes in the market.

22.   Partner Up with a Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle bloggers are always looking for models and original images for their blogs. You can partner up with the most popular lifestyle blogs and offer them your high-quality images for free. In return, these blog owners will tag your child’s account and give the necessary credit on each image. This is one of the fastest ways of growing your audience base quickly in a focused manner.

23.   Check Out What is Trending Nearby

Instagram has a cool feature of showing you what is trending nearby. You can assess the latest trends in pictures and captions around you and craft posts accordingly. If you want, you can rely on social media experts to do the necessary research for you so that you can just focus on clicking great pictures.

24.   Interact with Other Similar Posts

Interact with the other posts and pages on Instagram. Show your love and support to the community by liking their pictures and following their pages.

25.   Follow 4 Follow and Like 4 Like

The follow for follow and like for like practice still works well on most social media platforms. People will actively interact with your posts if you do the same with theirs.

Capture your child’s pictures in their true essence and without any filters. While children who pose do look cute and fashionable, the ones that are free-hearted, smiling and enjoying look much better. The authenticity of the pictures should overflow from the emotions that your child is displaying in an activity. Capture candid pictures of your child when he/she is completely in her zone. Such genuine images will garner a lot of attention from the online community.

Experiment with a variety of trendy clothes like maxi dresses, co ord shifts, western dresses, ethnic lehengas, etc. to capture the hearts of your audience. Such practices will not only help you increase the popularity of your child’s social media presence, but also increase his/her self-confidence and esteem.