If you are a frequent flyer, you know that a strong focus on comfort is extremely important while travelling. You can check out the vast collections of comfortable dresses on most popular clothing stores for kids, especially for the long-haul flights. Clothes play a very important role in making you feel comfortable on these long voyages. The right set of clothes will help you feel easy and calm throughout the long journey. 

The amount of focus that you need to put on your kids’ clothing is far more important in the long-haul flights. Even the slightest discomfort can throw the kids’ minds off-balance making them feel uncomfortable and uneasy. If you have ever wondered what to wear on a long flight, here are a few outfit ideas that will help your kid feel more comfortable and trendier.

Maxi Dresses are Your Go-To Dresses for Comfort

Maxi dresses are often the first dresses that pop up in our head when we think about comfortable clothes for kids. These dresses are not only comfortable, but they are stylish and fashionable. Over the past couple of years, the fashion industry has come up with a variety of trendy designs for these maxi clothes.

We often notice several celebrities wearing these uber comfortable dresses on their long flights. The top 5 reasons why maxi dresses are perfect for the long journey include:

·         Airy and Comfortable Fit

Maxi dresses provide an extremely comfortable and natural fit to your body. The loose-fitting maxi dresses feel natural and they do not stick to the skin. Dresses with this feature are perfect for both kids and adults when they are travelling to a tropical region.

The airy and comfortable fit prevents the accumulation of sweat over the skin which in turn helps it breathe freely.

·         Breathable Fabric

The maxi dresses are often made from highly breathable fabrics like viscose and cotton. The thicker weave of such fabrics creates enough space for the skin to breathe freely. Therefore, sweat (if any) will easily get an outlet to the atmosphere.

·         Minimalistic Design

The maxi dresses specifically designed for the summers usually have a minimalistic design. They do not have a complicated embroidery or weave that can cause discomfort while sitting. Long flights often require an individual to sit in an upright position for several hours together. Therefore, it is important that we provide a comfortable seating position to the kids on the travel.

The minimalistic and plain design of these clothes is often loved by parents who want to dress up their little girl in something stylish and comfortable.

·         Easy to Change

Uncomfortable in a maxi dress? No problem! You don’t need more than a minute to change a loose-fitting maxi dress. The single piece design of these dresses provides enough room for the individual to change it without the need for any extra assistance.

Knee-Length Dresses Work Too

That’s right, the long and comfortable knee-length dresses are perfect for the long flights too. However, all knee-length dresses do not fit the bill rightly. Instead, you need to select the right type of knee-length dresses for your daughter judiciously so that she can enjoy a comfortable and free-hearted journey. The knee-length dress that you select should have the following 5 characteristics to be suitable for the long journey.


A Loose Fit

Knee-length dresses that rest easy on the skin of your daughter are perfect for the longer journeys. They will not cause any discomfort during long travel.

·         No Unnecessary Embroidery or Trinkets

Several knee-length dresses have small trinkets and complicated embroideries that are difficult to manage. They can cause discomfort on a long flight where you need to sit in the same position for hours. Therefore, never select dresses with such small trinkets or embroideries.

·         Breathable Design

The breathable design of a knee-length dress will play a major role in helping your little girl feel at ease in a long flight especially if she feels anxious during take-off and landing.

·         Comfortable Fit Near the Waistline

A tight dress can cause serious discomfort near the waistline of an individual. Therefore, you need to select a loose dress that lands comfortably on the shoulders of your little girl. In case the dress is too loose, you can always use a comfortable belt along with it.

·         Higher Neck Design

The high neck design of the knee-length dress will provide enough coverage. You can also use a soft shawl or a comfortable dupatta with the knee-length dress in case your little girl feels too cold on the flight.

·         Denser Fabric

Choose a slightly denser fabric and a darker print to ensure that the knee-length dress is not a see-through one. If you cannot find a dress with a denser fabric, you can always ask your daughter to wear a comfortable lightweight shirt on the dress for a snug fit.

Plain Printed T-Shirts and Comfortable Leggings

Comfortable t-shirts should be amongst the top choices for your daughter on a long flight. Loose-fitting t-shirts are not only comfortable, but they are super trendy. Couple a trendy themed t-shirt with a comfortable pair of jeans and you are good to go. You can couple the entire outfit with lightweight sneakers and a trendy backpack for your little girl to look like a fashionable diva.

If you do go with a t-shirt for long travel, make sure that you choose a plain and printed one. Even small pieces of embroidery can cause discomfort in the long travel. Select the clothes with a lightweight fabric like cotton that does not attract any static-charge. Unlike clothes made from silk, the cotton fabric easily gets rid of the perspiration in hotter environments. These clothes mend easily with other fabrics too. Therefore, you can throw on a comfortable cardigan, sweater, or jacket in colder environments.

Minimalistic Shirts without Embroidery and Pants

Little girls look extremely cute in semi-formal and formal outfits. You can teach your daughter the art of carrying formal clothes from a young age. The formal clothes often inspire a lot of confidence in an individual. These outfits look great and are often more comfortable than a variety of casual clothes.

The minimalist shirts look great with loose-fitting khaki or pleated pants. They are perfect for a long journey that involves a lot of sitting in an upright position. You can also throw in a couple of formal accessories like waist belts, wrist watches, trendy sunglasses, and lightweight boots to complete the outfit for your little girl.

Ask your daughter to carry her own luggage by packing it in a trendy small suitcase i.e. a 4-wheeled trolley type suitcase. This way, she can drag her suitcase along the airport floor comfortably.

Hoodies for Colder Environments

Hoodies are the perfect clothing accessories for long and cold flights. The best part about hoodies is that you can easily remove them and pack them away if they are getting in the way. You should always keep at least one lightweight cotton hoodie on the top of your hand baggage so that you can throw it on whenever you feel cold.

Today, you can easily find several cosy hoodies with innovative design schemes in the online clothing shops specially designed for the little girls. Hoodies with the cute overhead caps look extremely pretty on the little girls.

Loose and High Waist Jeans with Crop Tops

If you are travelling to a tropical climate, the loose-fitting high waist jeans are perfect for the long flight. You can couple these jeans with a pair of fancy crop tops.Keep one lightweight t-shirt for your daughter on top of your hand baggage. This t-shirt will come in handy if she feels uncomfortable in the crop top.

Make sure that you choose a pair of jeans that has a comfortable and loose fit. If you are unable to find such jeans in your daughter’s wardrobe, you can always choose stretchy leggings or capris that look great with the plain printed t-shirts. 

Traveller’s Pants with Comfortable Shoes Flip Flops

Wondering how do you travel comfortably on a long flight? Travellers’ clothes are your best option. While searching for clothes for longer journeys, look for clothes with the travellers’ label. The traveller’s clothes are specifically designed for individuals who are going on a long journey and need a comfortable pair of clothes that fits their needs perfectly.

The traveller’s pants are usually loose, lightweight, and breathable. They are extremely comfortable around the waistline and have anairy elastic fabric. These pants usually come with belts holes too. So, if they are too loose for your daughter, she can wear them with a slim waist belt.

The footwear too plays an important role in offering the necessary comfort throughout the travel. Comfortable footwear helps you relax and let unwind on a long flight. On the other hand, uncomfortable footwear will constantly cause discomfort and pain on longer journeys. Typically, you should avoid fancy footwear like heels or flat sandals with strap-on mechanism during these long flights. Instead, you should choose footwear that requires minimum maintenance. Footwear options like sneakers and flip flops work best for the long travel.

Stretchy Pants with an Elastic Waist Line

The stretchy pants are pieces of clothing that do not require any support from related accessories. You can wear these pants without any supporting waist belt. Your daughter can breathe easily in these stretchy pants and let loose on a long flight. If you have tickets for a recliner seat, she can also tuck herself inside the comfortable cushion of the seat without feeling uncomfortable due to tight pants.

You can couple the stretchy pants with a lightweight printer t-shirt and flip flops. The minimalistic look of this outfit looks extremely fashionable on the long flights.

Trench Coats for the Rainy Season

Trench coats are good for two purposes. They provide the necessary coverage in the colder environment and they are waterproof. The best trench coats repel the water that falls on them thereby helping your little girl stay warm and cosy in case of the cold and humid environments.

Comfortable Accessories to Manage the Clothes

Accessories like waist belts and hair bands are saviours for little girls. These accessories can help your little girl manage her outfit without your help. The hair bands are a must-have accessory for the long flights. Similarly, waist belts are extremely important for clothes that are a little too loose for your little girl. Even the loose-fitting clothes look great if one knows how to carry them effectively.

So, the next time you think about what are the best clothes to fly in, check out these clothing tips for a comfortable and soothing journey. When you are travelling with little girls, do not forget to carry a few accessories/toys that can keep her engaged on a long flight. Inculcate a reading habit into your daughter’s regimen and a good book will keep her entertained for the long journey.

It is a great idea for you to teach your daughter how to pack her own bags before a long journey. Teach her how to select the right clothes according to the weather of the place that she is visiting. Teaching her these important skills from a young age will help her develop into a capable and independent woman who is always ready to travel.