Dressing Your Kid Isn’t Kidding, These Tips Will Help

In this era of technology where phones are smart and people are not, kids are exposed to fashion with early access to smartphones and tablets. Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social medial platforms have further made them aware of the latest trends in the market when it comes to clothes.

So, dressing a child is no child’s play, but these below tips will definitely help

Comfort is the key!

Comfort plays the most important role when it comes to dressing, it holds true for kids as well as adults. So, when you select a dress for your little princess for a special occasion, make sure that the cloth material feels right on the skin, the clothes are not too loose and not too tight. As kids have the tendency to run and roll and take the world on their head, make sure the clothes are of a right fitting for them.

Dress for the occasion, but do not overdress

So, the parents have decided to go to a party and want the child to look perfect, but in this quest of looking nice they only end up overdressing their child time and again, so make sure they are not overdressed in the name of the occasion. Olesia comes up with many casually comfortable options in which the kids will look amazing. After all, as we emphasized in the first point, comfort is the most comforting thing.

Dress according to the weather

Now this may seem like a silly recommendation, but believe me people do dress their child not according to the weather, it’s okay that you decide to wear an off-shoulder sparkling dress on New Year's Eve and you are all drowned in the appreciation you received, but your little princess may not really like the same idea when it comes to her dress, and would prefer a coat to fight the chilling cold. So, make sure that you choose clothes according to the weather and the skin sensitivity of your child.

Let them choose sometimes

While it’s okay to be a cautious and concerned parent who makes sure that her little princess dresses all tidy, sometimes you should allow your tiny tots the luxury of choosing what they want, let them pick that what they want, even if you really don’t like it, after all, it’s their comfort that is more comforting for you and not the other way round.

Let the child be the adult

Making decisions at an early stage is one of the better methods to build the confidence of your child, it gives them a sense of empowerment and a feel-good factor. Which Shirt would you wear today? The black or the blue one? Ask them these questions and make them feel they are being heard and their decision is being respected. Inculcating this culture with a child from a very early age does wonders to them.

Hope you had a good read, we at Olesia try to cater to the basic needs of your little princess when it comes to dressing and come up with our unique designer clothes to make your princess feel like one.

Team Olesia