The right fashionable clothing accessories can accentuate the overall appeal of an outfit. It can help you offer a completely unique look and feel to the dress without making several major changes. The market is filled with hundreds of different functional and decorative clothing accessories for little girls. Today you can visit a shopping mall or a flea market and feel completely overwhelmed with the amount of variety available in the market.

Most moms who love dressing up their little girls know the importance of these classic accessories. Several accessories on this list are functional.

1.       Hair Bands

Little girls have the freedom to experiment with their hair much more than adults. They can wear fancy hair bands with style and look extremely adorable. In fact, if you go to the market in search of the best hair bands, you will see that the little girls have exponentially more options than adults.

Hair bands look great on little girls with both long as well as short hair. For the girls who have long and flowy hair, the hair bands act as functional accessories that help them keep their hair tucked in. For the girls with slightly shorter hair, the hair bands will ensure that the hair does not obstruct their vision by coming on to the face. These fashionable accessories are especially functional in windy environments.

Some fancy hair bands come with tiny electric circuits and LEDs that can light up. Others have mickey mouse ears attached to them. If you are preparing your little girl for a kid’s birthday party, do not hesitate in throwing a couple of such fancy accessories to make the complete outfit. The hair bands will help your little girl let loose, dance and enjoy to the fullest without worrying about her hair.

2.       Waist Belts

Waist belts are functional accessories that can easily help you tuck in the loose dresses in a comfortable manner. They are ideal for little girls. Typically, when you are choosing dresses for your little girl, you should choose a size that is a few inches larger. Little girls between the ages of 5 and 7 grow very quickly. Therefore, if you choose a dress that matches her size perfectly, she will most likely outgrow the dress within a couple of months.

If you are purchasing a branded designer dress for your little girl, you want her to make the most of it for some time. Therefore, always purchase a slightly bigger size for her. You can then use a waist belt to hide those extra inches of the dress away.

When you use a waist belt to tuck the dress in correctly, the dress will never get any creases or look uncomfortably huge. In fact, the waist belt will highlight the best features of the dress even further. The market is filled with different types, colours and sizes of waist belts today. So, when you are choosing the right waist belt, look for the one whose colour and design scheme match with the dress.

3.       Wristwatches

Inculcating a habit of wearing wristwatches in your kid from a young age will most likely go a long way. The best thing about wristwatches in general? A functional accessory with millions of design options.

Today you can buy one of the many options of wristwatches available in the market. However, at the core, they are divided into two types. These include:

·         Analog Wristwatches: These wristwatches have a timeless design. They look sleek, comfortable, and extremely professional. Yes, you do get fancy versions of these watches too. Watch manufacturers like Titan, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, etc. manufacture some extremely cool and fashionable designs for kids.

·         Digital Wristwatches: The digital wristwatches are relatively more common amongst kids. The kids who are still learning how to read time will be better off with a digital wristwatch. These watches are typically bulkier in looks compared to their counterparts.

A few wristwatch manufacturers also produce watches that have a dual Analog and digital dial theme. Ideally, you should have at least two different types of watches in your little girl’s cupboard. One of them can be her choice with fancy cartoonish characters. The second one should be slightly more professional and subtle.

4.       Bracelets

Bracelets are undoubtedly some of the most classic clothing accessories for kids. They are timeless and look good and effortless. These accessories look great on both heavier as well as lighter wrists.

The fashion industry has taken a few cues from the rising IoT (Internet of Things) industry to invent stylish smart bracelets. These multi-purpose smart bracelets can be used in multiple ways. A few of these bracelets have a smart GPS chip embedded in them. Therefore, if you are worried about your little girl’s whereabouts consistently, this chip will help you track her position on your phone.

While choosing bracelets focus on the comfort of your little girl before everything else. In a few situations, you might come across bracelets that suit an outfit perfectly. However, these bracelets will have small protrusions that might hurt your daughter’s delicate skin.

Always choose bracelets manufactured by well-known brands if you do not want to compromise on the quality of the materials. These fashionable bracelets will be slightly costlier compared to the ones available locally. However, they will be significantly more skin-friendly. The well-known brands use premium materials to manufacture high-quality bracelets that do not stick to the clothes or harm the skin of your little girl.

5.       Necklaces

A beautiful pair of matching necklace and bracelet will help your little girl steal the hearts of everyone in the room during a party. Just like smart bracelets, a few smart necklaces have a GPS chip embedded in them that help you track the location of your little girl. The best accessory manufacturers for girls come up with novel design schemes every year. Today you can step into a mall to find a thousand different types of necklaces and bracelets on a single shop rack.

You need to be extremely careful and vigilant if you wish to choose the right fashionable necklace for your little girl. Necklaces look best on round-neck or v-neck dresses. However, this does not mean that you cannot wear them on polo shirts. The right type of delicate necklace will shine even on a polo shirt fabric.

Do not choose an extremely glittery or heavy necklace for your little girl. Instead, if you wish the best accessory for girls, go with a minimalistic mindset. Naturally, you will more be attracted to the accessories that are shiny. Under such situations, you need to control your urge for purchasing such accessories and go for the more subtle ones instead.

6.       Sunglasses

Summer is approaching and now it is time to throw on a pair of trendy sunglasses. The top kids’ accessories manufacturers will focus on providing the maximum comfort to their clients. They will use high-quality materials to protect the delicate eyes of the kids while manufacturing the sunglasses. The high-quality sunglasses by these manufacturers come with several nifty features like UV protection and blue-light filters to protect the eyes of the young ones.

The right pair of sunglasses will look great on the kids given that these accessories match the dress appropriately. Therefore, it is a good idea to carry pictures of the dress or the dress itself to the store while selecting the right sunglasses for it. If you are not sure about the colour of the glasses that you should purchase for a particular dress, go with the classic black or white glasses.

The classic white and black sunglasses will match almost every dress. You can choose the glasses with a white frame on the light-coloured dresses and the glasses with the black frame for the darker dresses. Make sure that you do not buy a frame that is too large or too small for your girl’s face. Ask her to try the sunglasses on once before purchasing them.

7.       Hats

Little girls with cute hats look extremely adorable and cute. Hats are the perfect kids’ accessories for summers in a tropical climate since they can help you protect your little girl from the harmful sun rays. It is the perfect accessory for an event by the pool or the beach.

While choosing hats, you can either choose a hat that fits your daughter’s head perfectly or you can go for the one that is slightly bigger. In both these cases, the right hat will look extremely adorable. Make sure that the hat matches the overall attire of your little girl so that it does not look out of place.

8.       Earrings

Earrings are undoubtedly some of the best accessories for girls. If you have already gotten your daughter’s ears pierced, you can choose some of the finest earrings for her in the market. These affordable accessories can highlight the best facial features of your girl. They typically look great with flowy traditional dresses. However, one can also wear the earrings on a conventional sundress.

A few modern-day earrings have magnetic attachments. Therefore, you don’t need to get your little girl’s ears pierced for her to wear the earrings. These c-shaped earrings fit naturally around the earlobe in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Till your daughter is not comfortable with getting her earlobes pierced, you can use a variety of these trendy magnetic earrings to complete the outfit.

9.       Dupattas

Dupattas conventionally look great on the traditional dresses. The best part about wearing dupattas is that you can easily tuck them away when you wish to let loose and dance. The large dupattas offer a lot of coverage on the outfit of little girls. Therefore, when your little girl will wear it over her dress, it will feel like a whole new attire.

You can play with the matching and contrasting shades of dupattas in the market. A simple black dress will look great with a white or yellow dupatta. Similarly, a white dress will look best with a punchy red, green, blue, or black dupatta.

10.   Handbags/Clutches

Handbags are some of the best accessories for girls because they allow the girls to carry vital items like wallets, diary, pen etc. with them wherever they go. Conventionally, girls’ dresses, pants, and jeans have very tiny and shallow pockets. They are not meant for carrying a lot of stuff. Therefore, girls face a lot of difficulty in carrying these vital items.

The handbags and clutches are fashionable accessories that can help your little girl carry important items with her. You can also inculcate a habit in her schedule to help her carry a wallet wherever she goes. Inculcating such important habits into her schedule will help her a lot in the long run.

You can rely on a few high-quality online clothing shops to get a wide range of these kids’ accessories for an extremely affordable price. Now, you don’t need to compromise on the fashion sense or the quality of these accessories because the online market place is filled with thousands of competing brands.

Whenever you go out to shop for fashionable accessories or dresses, try and create wholesome outfits for your little girl. This habit of creating a wholesome outfit will help you save a lot of time as well as money over the years. It will also help you prevent the impulse shopping urges to a great extent.

Take your daughter with you whenever you go on a shopping spree for her. Teach her the subtle nuances of assessing the quality of clothes as well as fashionable accessories. With these learnings, she will be in a better position to select the right articles for herself without any external assistance.