Clothing accessories are a small yet extremely important part of an outfit. Girls getting ready for a party or an occasion usually love wearing a variety of accessories. In fact, most modern-day, as well as traditional outfits, feel incomplete with the right set of matching accessories. If you are planning to go on a shopping spree for your little girl, do keep the matching accessories along with the dresses in your priority list.

Here is a small guide on how to choose the clothing accessories for your little girl.

1.       Choose the Right Colours

The right colored accessories compliment the look and feel of the dress aptly. On the other hand, a few colors that do not match the dress look odd and obtrusive. If you are planning on buying a whole set of best accessories for your baby girl, buy the ones that fit well with the outfit.

Ideally, you should not shop only for dresses or accessories. Instead, you should always try and purchase a complete outfit according to the occasion. Do keep the location, type, as well as the weather scenarios in mind while selecting the right outfits. For example, a beautiful shawl or dupatta looks great with an ethnic dress in a chilly environment.

2.       Choose the Right Fit

Both, accessories that are too big or too small spoil the look of the overall outfit. Therefore, you should always choose best accessories for your baby girl that fit her perfectly. You need to stay extremely cautious about the size of the accessory especially when it provides more coverage. For example, a big wrist watch might still look stylish and trendy. However, a huge dupatta will only get in the way of the free movement of your kid.

If you are looking for waist belts and other complimentary accessories, make sure that their colour and fit match the major component of the outfit. For example, dark colored jeans will look best with black or brown waist belts.

3.       Look for Matching Accessories

If you are going to purchase accessories separately, do carry a couple of existing pairs of dresses along. This way, you will be able to look for the accessories that match the dresses in your little girl’s existing collection perfectly. If you cannot carry the dresses themselves, you can always carry their pictures to match the colour and design of the accessories correctly.

4.       Look for Additional Functionality

Accessories don’t only look good, but they also provide additional functionality in multiple cases. For example, waist belts can help a loosely fitting dress fit more comfortably. Similarly, a beautiful wrist watch can help your little girl see them time whenever she wants to.

You must not always stress on purchasing accessories with additional functionality. However, you should try and do so more often since these will most likely be used more regularly than plain ornamental accessories.

5.       Choose a Comfortable Accessory

The comfort of your little girl should be on the top of your priority list while choosing the right outfits for her. Do not choose an accessory only because it looks really trendy because your kid might not want to wear it at all if it is uncomfortable.



The accessories that usually cause the most discomfort are the ones with too many tiny and spiky ornamental pieces of jewellery on them. Therefore, if you are wondering how to choose the accessories for your little girl, give a priority to the ones that are the most comfortable ones.

6.       Look for a Long-Lasting Accessory

Always prefer choosing the most high-quality accessories available in the market so that you do not compromise on their fit and longevity. These branded and premium accessories will last longer and retain their looks for a much longer period than the trivial pieces of jewellery.

The best accessories for a dress will not stick to the dress and spoil it. Instead, these accessories usually have an extremely thoughtful design to match a branded piece of clothing aptly.

7.       Choose an Accessory According to Your Child’s Build

The fashion industry has brought us a wide range of clothing accessories in the last couple of years. The fashion stylists put a lot of thought and time into designing some of the most gorgeous accessories for both the adults and the kids. The top flea markets and online e-commerce store for these accessories will have thousands of attractive accessories for little girls. Ideally, you should always choose a reliable online clothing store for kids to get access to the best collection of accessories.

When you come across a wide range of fashionable accessories, control your urge to purchase too many best accessories for your baby girl in a single attempt. Instead, you should always shop judiciously and choose the accessories that fit your child’s build correctly. Huge accessories on skinny girls look inappropriate. Similarly, tiny watches and slim belts on well-built girls look extremely odd.

8.       Never Overdress

The temptation to overdress your child with fashionable outfits and tonnes of different accessories can easily overtake the feeling of elegance and subtleness. Therefore, you must never overdress your child with multiple accessories at the same time. To control the urge of overdressing your child, you must first limit the number of accessories she has.



As a rule, the best accessories for a dress should not consume more than 5% of the closet space (Not considering footwear as an accessory here).

9.       Choose Accessories that Fit Multiple Outfits

The best way to save money, maintain elegance and still come up with the best outfits, you must choose accessories that look great with multiple dresses. The accessories that ideally fit multiple dressing styles are the ones that will be used more often than the other ones. Therefore, choose the accessories that have a subtle colour and design theme.

Instead of choosing a green or yellow dupatta that looks great only on a few outfits, choose a black or dark brown colored one. This dupatta will more likely go with multiple dresses in the collection.  

10.   Take Your Child’s Likes/Dislikes into Consideration

It is important that we teach our little girls the art of selecting the right outfits for themselves, from a young age. Inculcating a strong fashion sense into their minds from a young age will not only help them dress better but inspire a lot of confidence in their lives. Just like the adults, the kids who dress better in well fitting clothes have a more confidence and natural stance than the ones who wear lose clothes.



When you are going to shop for the accessories, take your little girl along. Teach her all the tips and tricks that you know to assess the quality and design of an accessory in a wholesome manner.

By following these 10 points you can take the longevity, trends, fashion, quality, as well as, the fit of the accessories into account. Assessing all the accessories on your list with these 10 points will help you trim down the overall list and select only the best accessories. You don’t need to wonder how to choose the accessories for little girls once you select the ones that fit these 10 tips. You should always rely on the top e-commerce clothing stores for branded accessories.

The best stores use the most delicate materials to create long-lasting and comfortable accessories that are easy on the skin of the kids. They never compromise on the service of their quality and often have a huge collection of branded accessories that fit your requirements perfectly.